•  incorporated in 1974 to form a legal framework for providing Christian outreach and service
to the Edinboro community

  organized a coffeehouse, prayer meetings, and Christian community housing

  formed Hermitage House for serving troubled teens through the juvenile court system

  H.H.Y.S. became a non-profit corporation in 1994 assuming responsibility for juvenile
treatment programs, while C.I.H.R. focuses on the Christian aspects of their mission,
which includes providing a spiritual component for the youth at H.H.Y.S.

•  began to support an H.H.Y.S. scholarship program for past and current clients and
to provide a small building to rent apartments to independent-living clients or to staff

•  hired a part-time chaplain for the youth ministry in early 1990's, at H.H.Y.S.;
by 2002, the chaplain position became full time

•  purchased the Potter's House at 316 Meadville Street in 2001 to rent
to Christian college students at Edinboro University

  began affiliation with The Hangout, a Christian community resource for youth, in 2000

  raised funds for A Place of Our Own, a ministry to persons with autism, in 2003

began affiliation in 2007 with C.O.P.E., the Community Outreach Project of Edinboro,
which seeks to provide trust and acceptance for young adults and their families.
C.O.P.E. was a project under C.I.H.R. until 2012.

initiated nonprofit status for Boro Women's Services as of August 2009 in order to
provide an ongoing and supportive ministry to women, men, and families.
B.W.S. is now an independent 501(c)3.

facilitated the 2010 opening of House of Hope which endeavors to empower each woman
to overcome obstacles and achieve self-sufficiency by transforming her life
through setting a new direction and a new purpose

EU Campus Ministry Cooperative became an affiliated project in Spring 2016.
The ECMC is a group of volunteer pastors and lay persons who seek to fill the spiritual needs of Edinboro University students, faculty, and staff.