CI.H.R. is a long-time supporter of the programs of Hermitage House Youth Services and is committed to encouraging the success of current or past clients of H.H.Y.S.

Therefore, the following guidelines and conditions have been established to formalize the application process for financial assistance:

Pending available funds, the Board of Directors of the Christian Institute of Human Relations will consider requests for assistance from current or past clients of H.H.Y.S of up to $500.00 towards tuition or fees for post-secondary education or training;\other special areas of need may also be considered on a case-by-case basis

If approved, checks will be directly written (preferably) to the educational / vocational facility; other situations will require proper and complete documentation

Funds are disbursed with the following conditions:

  • Recipient acknowledges the gift through thank-you letter / card
  • Recipient successfully completes the goal for which the funds were given
  • Funds will be repaid (or purchased items returned) to C.I.H.R. if recipient quits or
    is dismissed from the class for a negative reason